kitchen solutions

extensive expertise

Representing top global brands in kitchen furniture, Som Santoso is entrusted by SieMatic, Ballerina, Aster Cucina and Lema to use their products in his designs.

holistic integration

Mastering the integration of designing kitchens with its structural installation, Som Santoso delivers a holistic solution that works as perfectly as it looks.

design & Innovation

Creative and innovative are qualities that Som Santoso displays consistently through his work, by delivering solutions that address design challenges effectively.

flawless elegance

Som Santoso’s ultimate objective is to create flawless solutions that surpass the needs of his clients while respecting their sensibility.

sleek elegance and warmth

The island table in this modern but warm space is designed with an inlaid quartz to pull the eye towards the kitchen’s focal point: the hearth.

traditional classic

Designed for a conservative client’s love of old elegance in mind, the hood serves to be a focal point of this space. Column accessories for the island and the hearth completes the desired balance.

modern classic

Adopting the combined aesthetics of Peranakan and Chinese sensibilities, this informal kitchen is designed for the day-to-day use of a family that would otherwise use the formal dining area of their home. An island sink is created to divide the prep-and-serve area from the dining table.

kitchen utopia

Modern, sleek and minimalist, this serene kitchen comes to life when used. Cabinets open to various appliances and an entry to the scullery kitchen, with the backsplash unveiling a monitor and kitchen utensils such as the sink caddy. Otherwise, this kitchen serves to be a zen background in the home of a perfectionist and his family.

downtown chic

Requested by the client to recreate the downtown New York chic of SoHo lofts, the kitchen is designed with the masculine touch of black tones and steel surface. Bold proportions and shapes complete the urban ambiance.

sophisticated autonomy

This kitchen is specifically designed for the demanding lifestyle of a wine collector who desired a space in which to easily multi-task while dining. The wine chiller is positioned as a partition between the kitchen and living space.